We are a group of Airsoft lovers since many years. Turning our enthusiasm for this passionate sport and our experience in to fun activities and adventure, that has taken us to lead the Airsoft adventure in the Alicante region, and make of this sport something more wide spread and known. 


Airsoft is a game and sport of strategy based on military simulation.

It is about playing a war game using weapon replicas in game scenarios similar to real battle situations, with equipment similar to the real military equipment used by the different armed forces and special units around the world. The only difference being that the ammunition used in these weapon replicas are small biodegradable balls of 6mm in diameter which you will feel without suffering danger what so ever.

 Although no specific dress is required, each team is identified with a uniform type and colour. The participants in Airsoft organize their meetings in gaming battle areas prepared for it.

The types of game that can be organized reside in the imagination of the organizers, usually with objectives varying from Flag domination, territory conquest, VIP recovery and extraction, Search and destroy, evasion and escape, Bomb detection and disarmament, where props are used to simulate reality and the gamers find themselves immerse in an authentic battle, without leaving the gaming atmosphere and total safety of a controlled scenario.

Airsoft is similar to the well-known game of PAINTBALL, in so much as they share the dynamic, a game where you eliminate the opponent in order to achieve an objective. But we can situate Airsoft in a superior level, where not only the fun of achieving objectives is primary, but the clothing, equipment, weapon replicas, strategies, scenarios, team mates… All these try to follow a reality pattern which differentiates from Paintball.



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